What is the purpose of a Dilapidation Survey?

The purpose of a dilapidation building inspection provides an accurate record of the condition of the existing surrounding buildings and structures, including fences, roads and pathways, before the commencement of a demolition, construction or development project.  All prominent defects in the form of cracks, settlement, movement, water seepage, spalling concrete, distortion, subsidence and other building and infrastructure defects will be recorded in photographs together with notes.

While it is not expected that neighbouring construction will cause damage to any building, the survey is undertaken as a precautionary measure.   Most councils as part of a development application will require a dilapidation assessment be carried out on neighbouring structures.

An independently prepared report will protect not only the company undertaking the project, but it will also protect the council assets and all adjoining property owners.

For Contractors & Developers

Before you carry out any excavation, piling works, demolition, renovation or construction of a new development, a formal Dilapidation survey can save you from thousands or millions of dollars claim from third parties.

For Property Owners

Before renovation, alteration & addition (A & A), demolition, construction or reconstruction work carried out at your neighbouring areas, and/or before any underground construction works are carried out in the surrounding areas of your property.