(Standard & Structural) 

We carry out two (2) types of Pre-purchase inspections – ‘Standard’   and  ‘Structural’  (as per ‘Australian Standards – AS4349 – 1 – 2007)


A Pre-purchase inspection report is designed to assist a prospective purchaser of residential/commercial property to formulate an opinion of the condition of the property for sale……Which report is best for you?

‘Standard’ Pre-purchase Inspection (Comprehensive)

Includes Itentifying any Structural Damage /Defects (termed major and minor defects).
Plus, Maintenance Defects or Issues (see details listed below) –

Any safety hazards, an opinion of the condition of the property and of any repairs and maintenance required to bring the residence up to an acceptable standard.

Any instances of the condition of – rising damp & water penetration; internal & external walls; stairways; balconies; balustrades; decks; cabinetry; grouting; outbuildings;  retaining walls; cladding; roofing; rainwater items; insulation; eaves; gutters paths;  driveways;  fencing;  earth-embankments;  surface water drainage and stormwater run-off  –  within 30m of the building.

Elements inspected in a 'Standard Pre-Purchase Building Inspection'

‘STRUCTURAL’   Pre-purchase Building Inspection (Basic), includes:

A Structural Inspection is an inspection that is carried out by a registered builder or structural engineer. All accessible structural items in the home are visually inspected for significant defects in accordance with AS4349.1- 2007 Appendix A.

This includes an inspection of the roof cavity, all internal and external walls, the top of the roof from the gutter line, the condition of the ceilings, wet area waterproof membranes, retaining walls, moisture problems and many other structural issues that commonly occur. Significant defects will clearly be noted on the Report, which may be used to renegotiate or exit a contract that contains a building inspection or structural inspection clause. A more invasive inspection or damp testing may be recommended based on the findings of our visual inspection.

Elements inspected in a 'Structural Pre-Purchase Building Inspection'

All other elements (maintenance items) are included in the ‘Standard’ inspection.

All reports are carried out in accordance with the current Australian Standards  and are carried out by either a Certified/Registered builder or a Qualified/Certified Building Surveyor/Practitioner (Snr level) (Reg 43/149.


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